What her clients are saying…

Listen to Monika’s message:  

Thanks Janis! You did an awesome job with organizing & packing for our office move! You never stopped and made it very easy for our business to get back to normal. Your organization skills, kept it simple for staff to find everything they needed – without looking or asking questions. ” – Jennifer, Restaurant Marketing Systems

Thanks Janis for the update, I am very impressed with what u have accomplished already Robin seems comfortable with u which is great. He really hates changes of any kind so I think u made huge progress already.  He seems to take direction better from a third-party than me. When I got home that evening he was very keen to show me the results of the day and even more surprising he was telling me about plans for next visit. This is so huge for him! I cannot emphasize enough how hard it has been to get him to even make small changes. He seems to respond to your matter of fact attitude.  He appreciates logical thinking. I look forward to seeing more results next week. I am so glad I found you.” – Brenda

Janis Nylund is a fabulous organizer! Great personality, very friendly, organized, on time and really enjoys her work. I will never forget the day when I asked her to rearrange my kitchen cupboards so that the good china could be moved into them. Her eyes lit up! And she was able to free up an area for the china, while “discovering” some items that I didn’t know were there. I first hired Janis several years ago, to help me sort out the contents of the attic and basement in the house that I had inherited. Since then I have had her back many times, for more sorting and getting ready for garage sales. She has turned an overwhelming job into a series of pleasant experiences. Over time we have gotten to know one another better and better, and have enjoyed swapping stories about our lives as we work, well really mostly as she works. Janis is the one who carries the heavy stuff around while I “supervise” and she is the one who sorts likes with likes and finds places in which to put them. I usually just decide what to keep, discard or sell. The result for me is much less “stuff” in my house, and what remains can be easily found because similar things, such as family photos, games, suitcases, etc. are all together. Janis has always come to my house well prepared, often with boxes for sorting and storage and she often takes away items for me to be recycled or donated to charity. She is always cheerful; we have fun together. And she is trustworthy, a crucial quality for an organizer; nothing has gone missing under her watch. I highly recommend Janis Nylund to help you clear out your clutter and organize your home or workplace so that it is neat, tidy and functional.” – Linda Thanks for the notes- they are very thorough!!  The (word processing) tools you have used are great! It is a great feeling to have a plan I can chip away at. Thanks again for your great ideas!” – Kelly

Thanks Janis, It was great to finally get through all that stuff and even my Mom said it was worth every penny.  I think there is a part of me that feels the space that the junk was taking up can now be filled with something more meaningful and constructive!  I was “ready” for that but needed a real shove to complete it.  Finally finding your vehicle with your advertising in the parking lot was a Godsend for me!!!  Thanks for all your hard work and sweat! It was great working with you.” – Daphne

Thanks so much to you as well – my mom has been so motivated from your visit that she is in a whirlwind of purging and organizing, as well as telling me all about the different tips that you gave her.  So I am very pleased that she is having so much fun with getting her kitchen more organized as it feels like such a worthwhile gift.  She is very hard to buy for as she always says she doesn’t need anything – “just give me some socks” is her usual comment!  Now that she is in the momentum, she is planning on tackling the garage for this summer and your encouragement about it not being that bad has inspired her as well! So again, thank you very much for being part of such a great gift that I know my mom, and stepdad, will remember and enjoy for a long while. Good luck to you in your new home and with your organizing business – I will definitely be referring anyone in clutter reduction need to you!” – Shauna